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FREE Discovery Call

During this 15-20 minute free call, we will chat about your struggles with food and body image as well as any related concerns and your goals. I will explain how our programs work and answer your questions to determine if we are a good fit and the program that will work best for you.



This 1-month nutrition counseling package is perfect for teens and adults who just need a little help with their diet. I take a non-diet approach which means there will be no focus on weight and no lists of foods to avoid. Instead, we will take a gentle nutrition approach, centered around the principles of intuitive eating. 

3-MONTH Counseling package 

Whether you are ready to ditch diets for good or need help overcoming restrictive eating or feelings of guilt around eating, this 3-month package is for you. Imagine feeling in tune with your body and discovering joy and confidence with eating. Through our work together you’ll find your own personal path to nutrition where that is your new reality. Because your taste buds, mind, and body are unique to YOU, it will be an individualized approach that feels right for you. I don’t believe in diet culture and take a Health at Every Size Approach®, so you learn to genuinely respect your body right now and treat it with the kindness you deserve. 

No more restriction. No more keeping up with the latest diet whirlwind. No more living by the scale. Just one approach that works. 

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So what’s in it for you?

  • One initial 60-75 minute video consult in week 1 to set goals for self care and intuitive eating
  • Six biweekly 35-45 minute video call follow-up sessions where we chat about ongoing issues, explore intuitive eating, and chat about ongoing nutrition issues 
  • Ongoing support via private messaging app
  • Individualized recommendations
  • Nutrition resources and recipes 
  • Food journaling with feedback (if helpful)
  • Movement and lifestyle journaling with feedback (if helpful)
  • Intuitive Eating book & workbook (or choose others from my list of recommendations)


We accept Cigna, BCBS, Aetna, and AllWays in MA. You may also use your FSA/HSA to pay. 

During our sessions we will explore the principles of intuitive eating in a way that aligns best with your current needs and interests. 

Investment: $1050 (or $350 per month)

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This option includes one initial 60-75 minute video consult, two 35-45 minute follow-up sessions, weekly messaging support, food journaling with feedback, and individualized recommendations.

Investment: $400

our Nutrition Services are a good fit for you If:

  • You are ready to ditch diets, forever
  • You want to improve your relationship with food and your body
  • You want more confidence around eating
  • You need inspiration in the kitchen

Tired of eating the same boring breakfast? 

Keep your family happily fed and download these simple yet delicious breakfast recipes now!

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Are You A Parent of a Teenager?

You may notice your teen struggles with:

  • Fueling for sports
  • Special dietary needs (i.e. food allergies, vegetarian diet, etc.)
  • Eating well while at college
  • Nourishing snack ideas

Or maybe you want to ensure your child maintains a positive relationship with food and their body during their teen years.

50+ Teen Lunch Ideas

Teen Snack Ideas + Intuitive Eating Guide for Teens

Post-workout Snack Guide for Teens

Pre-Sport Snack Guide


I’ve created these resources specifically for you:

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