A Fresh Approach to New Years Resolutions


Most people, including me, have a tendency to make similar New Years resolutions or goals, year after year. Often they involve exercising more and eating better…


While it’s great that the New Year can kick off a few weeks health, it’s almost like we don’t expect our resolutions to last longer than that. Why not change this approach and make an everyday commitment to a healthy lifestyle and health improving goals you want and can to stick to.

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in your favorite foods or sit on the couch every now and then, it just means your overall approach is one that keeps your health in mind. So most of your behaviors should be ones that positively affect your health. Not everyone is going to find sticking to a healthy lifestyle easy. But it is no impossible. If you are committed and you want to make a change, we can’t see why you can’t! Even if it starts with this article here for example, at least you’re getting tips on how to start this journey. The more you know, the better.

Believe it or not, this means making room for your favorite food indulgences (hello chocolate!) and eliminating exercise that you don’t like!


So instead of making unrealistic resolutions that only leave you feeling guilty and bad about yourself–like never eating cookies again or going to the gym every day, make some nice goals that really will benefit you. Goals that you would like to have as habits. And don’t think about just exercise and diet. Because the reality is your health and wellbeing involve more than exercise and diet.

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Here are some health-promoting goals habits that I think are really doable and would even look forward to!

1. Prioritize your other half.

Plan more dates with your significant other…even if it’s a TV date on the couch. (But whether you go out or stay in, put away your phones and focus on each other.)

2. Plan on mid-week dinner help.

For example, plan for a mid-week take-out dinner (without guilt) so you can recharge your batteries.

3. Start the ritual of fika breaks.

Having a “fika” break is part of the Swedish lifestyle. It means taking a break and to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and a little something to eat with a friend. So ask a friend to meet up for coffee, meet up with your coworkers in the break room, or have a fika break at home with your family.

4. If you drink, do so mindfully.

Go ahead and enjoy a glass of wine or beer with your evening meal, but be sure to sip slowly and savor. Enjoy and be mindful. But if you find yourself routinely wanting more than 1 drink or always needing a drink with dinner you are better off skipping this habit.

5. Walk more.

You don’t have to run. You can go for a brisk walk and get just as many health benefits and often with less risk of injury. Even a 10-minute walk around the block has a positive effect on health.

6. Meditate.

Give meditation a try and see if it helps you get more mindful and reduce stress. Find a quiet area, sit comfortably, close your eyes, and breathe for 5-10 minutes. Try using an app such as headspace to guide you.

7. Lighten your load by having the kids pitch in more.

For example, let your kids pack their own snacks. If they’re school-aged, they can do it. Just give them some guidelines and have some reusable containers and healthy choices on hand.

8. Incorporate physical activity and movement into your daily routine.

Work exercise into your day by skipping the wait for the elevator and take the stairs, walking whenever you can, cleaning your house, having plank and wall sit holding contests with your kids, biking to work, and, most importantly, not sitting all day long! If you do have a job that keeps you sitting, be sure to take breaks every hour and try standing up and working for part of the day.

9. Go ahead and splurge on the organic berries.

Treat yourself and your family to those expensive organic berries at the store (instead of the packaged cookies).

10. Eat more greens.

One simple way to do this is to try and eat more salads for lunch. Just be sure to include some protein and fat too, or you’ll be hitting the vending machines at 3 pm.

11. Pack an afternoon snack.

Pack a healthy snack for the 3 pm sugar craving. Whether you’re out and about or still at the office, having that snack ready for you will help you avoid less healthful options.

12. Keep in touch with family and old friends.

Call, write, or text.

13. Get more sleep.

Go to bed earlier and take more naps.

14. Simplify. Keep it clean and get rid of the clutter at home and work

Eliminate unnecessary to-dos, social media checks, and clutter. Clutter is a huge pet peeve of mine! I cannot work in an environment that is messy or dirty. Everything has to be clean. I was speaking to my friend who works in a commercial office about this just the other day and she told me that since Collaborating Using Green Facilities, her office has been so much more productive. They have even invested in some exciting new office furniture to store all of their files and documents. Consequently, if you have a lot of paperwork in your office that needs storing somewhere safe and secure, you might want to get a filing cabinet. Ultimately, dirt and clutter can be huge distractions in an office and so hiring a commercial office cleaning service could be the solution your workplace needs to pull itself together. However, if your clutter is all stuff that you need and not anything you can get rid of, and your office or home simply does not have enough storage space, you can find secure and convenient storage spaces near you (depending on your location) online at

15. Tell your friends and family that you love them often.

* * * * *

Now make a list of nice goals you want to do. And remember, while being healthy does take some discipline, it should also fun!


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