Create a new morning routine

Create a New Morning Routine

Reclaim your mornings! It’s time to create a new morning routine that leaves you balanced, focused, and ready to go. Did you make any resolutions this year? While I don’t like to call them resolutions, I do make goals every new year. They are not an all-or-nothing type of deal as traditional resolutions often are. […]

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Snacks for Teens

30 Healthful Snack Ideas for Tweens and Teens

Here are 30 healthful snack ideas for your always hungry, always on the go, growing tweens and teens.  A snack to bring to school, a snack after school, a snack between activities, a snack before sports, a snack after sports…let’s face it, your child eats a lot of snacks! And while I am all for […]

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Tips to Boost Immune System

Tips to Support Your Immune System

Help support your immune system and stay healthier with these food and lifestyle tips.Let’s face it, when and how we get sick is often out of our control. There are germs everywhere (did you ever take microbiology?), especially this time of year. And for parents with young kids, it can be especially challenging to stay […]

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