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10 Satisfying Lunch Ideas for Teens (and Adults)

Lunch ideas for teens please! If your tween or teen is in need of some fresh lunch inspiration, here are 10 satisfying ideas. (They also work just fine for the adults in the house too!) Whether at school or at home, if you have a growing adolescent you know they need a substantial lunch. If […]

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The Problem with “Clean Eating”

Have you tried “clean eating”? Or perhaps going gluten-free, processed-free, sugar-free, and organic in the name of health? It’s time to “dirty up” your diet. Lose the restrictions and bring back joy and freedom. I’m all for “healthy” eating. Research shows that what we eat can play a role in preventing disease and helping us […]

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10 Simple Plant-Forward Eating Tips for Families

Eating plant-forward doesn’t mean you have to cut out meat. It means making plants more of the focus! Here are some simple ways to shift your family’s eating style to be more plant-forward. Eating a more plant-forward diet is good for us and good for the earth. So how can you get your meat-loving family […]

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21 Ways to Add Hygge and Mys to Your Day

What’s healthier and more enjoyable than dieting? Hygge and mys of course. Here are 21 ways to add these Scandinavian concepts to your day. What are Hygge and Mys? Hygge is the Danish concept of coziness. In my home country of Sweden, we have a similar term known as “mys.” Both came about because of […]

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Holiday Gift Guide for Self-Care

I’m excited to share my holiday gift guide for self-care. Now more than ever it’s time to slow down and take care of ourselves. Doing so will help cultivate inner joy and gratitude, making us better able to spread joy and compassion to the world around us. Self-care for Inner Joy Cultivating inner joy starts […]

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