The Swedish Concept of Lagom and Intuitive Eating

The Swedish Concept of “Lagom” and Intuitive Eating

Lagom is a Swedish word and concept that means “just the right amount”; this concept has a lot in common with intuitive eating.

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How to Stop Dieting in the New Year

Ready to ditch the diets in the New Year? Learn how and what to watch for.

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Gathering at holiday table

How to Deal with Diet Talk During the Holidays

Learn helpful tips on what to say or do in response to diet talk this holiday season or any time.

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Intuitive Eating and Health Markers title image

How Intuitive Eating Affects Health Markers

Studies have shown that Intuitive Eating benefits a variety of health markers, impacting the risk of developing health conditions.

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intuitive eating and diabetes title image

The Connection Between Intuitive Eating and Diabetes

One of the most commonly asked questions about Intuitive Eating is if people with health conditions such as diabetes can do it.

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