The Problem with “Clean Eating”

Have you tried “clean eating”? Or perhaps going gluten-free, processed-free, sugar-free, and organic in the name of health? It’s time to “dirty up” your diet. Lose the restrictions and bring back joy and freedom. I’m all for “healthy” eating. Research shows that what we eat can play a role in preventing disease and helping us […]

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21 Ways to Add Hygge and Mys to Your Day

What’s healthier and more enjoyable than dieting? Hygge and mys of course. Here are 21 ways to add these Scandinavian concepts to your day. What are Hygge and Mys? Hygge is the Danish concept of coziness. In my home country of Sweden, we have a similar term known as “mys.” Both came about because of […]

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Swedish chocolate cookies (chokladsnittar) plus a cup of coffee

Swedish Chocolate Cookies (Chokladsnittar)

These Swedish Chocolate Cookies, often called “chokladsnittar” in Sweden, are a go-to cookie whether for everyday fika or Christmas time. Disclosure: Some of the links below are Amazon affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Simple. Fuss-free. Pretty. Rich chocolate flavor. Crowd-pleaser. These are words that come to mind when I think […]

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Grazing vs. Planned Snacks

Grazing vs. planned snacks. Which is better? The answer depends, though kids almost always benefit from planned snacks. If you find yourself grazing, you are not alone. Grazing, or snacking frequently throughout the day, is a common habit. It’s even more common when we are working from home and have access to snacks all day. […]

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diet culture

Diet Culture and Food Language

Working on getting out of the diet mentality and shifting your family away from diet culture? What you say matters. When I first became a dietitian I frequently threw around the words “healthy” and “unhealthy”. While I was a proponent of “all foods can fit”, in my mind, some foods were good and others bad. […]

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