7 Key Concepts of Mindful Eating

How often are you eating mindfully? And what does this even mean? Read on to learn about 7 key concepts of mindful eating. What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is a Buddhist concept that essentially means being fully aware of the present moment without judgment. Eating mindfully is one component of intuitive eating. It entails being aware […]

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How to Handle all that Halloween Candy

Wondering how to handle all that Halloween candy? As a mom and Registered Dietitian, here is my advice. (The answer might surprise you!) How to Handle all that Halloween Candy With Halloween around the corner, you may be worried about the amount of candy that your child will eat. Not just on Halloween, but on […]

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7 Tips for Joyful, Nourishing Eating for Moms

Want a “healthy” eating family? First, you need to rethink what “healthy” means and then you need to make sure that you are feeding and treating yourself well. Here are 7 tips for joyful, nourishing eating for moms. Those images on social media featuring moms and families eating “perfectly” can be both inspiring and annoying. […]

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Go-To Vanilla Cupcakes

These are our go-to vanilla cupcakes. They are perfect for celebrations as well as creating your own small moment of joy. I don’t make cupcakes very often. In fact, most of the time that I make them it’s at the request of my younger son, now 11. Just today, which happens to be the second […]

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Ditch the diet and discover the joy of intuitive eating. Halsanutrition.com

Discover the Joy of Intuitive Eating

What is “intuitive eating” and how can it help you add more joy to your life? Read on to find out. Disclosure: Some of the resource links below are Amazon affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Imagine eating without rules, restrictions, or judgment. Eating with both pleasure and nourishment in […]

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