Meal Satisfaction: 12 Ways to Increase It

Meal satisfaction is key to food pleasure–and intuitive eating. When we are satisfied we feel content. So why is it that sometimes we don’t feel satisfied and how do we increase meal satisfaction?  Have you ever eaten a meal or snack and felt physically full but not satisfied? Chances are, this has happened to you. […]

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The Hunger Fullness Scale

The hunger fullness scale is a helpful tool for understanding your body’s hunger and fullness signals and becoming a more intuitive eater.

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HAES – A Better Approach to Health and Weight

HAES ® is an approach to health that aims to shift our focus away from weight, help promote size acceptance, end weight discrimination, and reduce our obsession with weight loss. HAES ® stands for Health at Every Size® and is a way of viewing health through a weight-neutral lens. In addition, it’s a social justice […]

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Diet Culture and How to Spot it

Diet culture is everywhere these days. Learn more about what it is, why it’s harmful, and how to spot it.

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Calorie Information: Helpful or Harmful?

Calorie information is everywhere these days. Food labels, restaurant menus, and recipes are some of the most common places you expect to find them. But is this helpful or harmful?

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