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How to Create Satisfying Snacks


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Wondering how you can create more satisfying snacks? Read on to get these gentle nutrition tips…

Why Focus on Satisfaction?

Satisfaction is considered the hub of intuitive eating. In an ideal world, all our meals, activities, thoughts, and other daily happenings would be satisfying.

Of course, that isn’t going to be the case all the time. For example, sometimes we have to eat what we have access to and be grateful for that, and other times we might be too stressed or distracted even to remember to consider satisfaction.

That said, we can always look for ways to boost satisfaction. And when it comes to snacks, this includes planning our snacks more often (versus grazing), eating in a relaxed mental state and environment, adding a variety of food to your plate, and wearing comfortable clothes. Read the post on boosting overall meal satisfaction here!


Create More Satisfying Snacks

In this post, I want to give you some specific suggestions on how to create satisfying snacks. Snack time often gets overlooked and rarely gets the attention and thought that a regular meal does. (This is especially true for teens and adults who no longer have the snack breaks that they did in elementary school!)

One way to create a more satisfying snack is to treat it like a mini meal. For example, put your snack on a plate and sit down to enjoy it if possible. Plating your snack will help you remember to add a variety of foods and food groups, a key component of creating a satisfying snack and getting more nutrients.

Here are some examples of satisfying snacks. Remember, there are no right or wrong foods. Take these suggestions as gentle nutrition guidance, but let your body and cravings help guide you as well. If you are craving ice cream then have ice cream! (When we deny our cravings we crave them more. More on that in another post!)

Satisfying Snack Suggestions 

General tips:

  • Aim to have at least 2 food groups present
  • Include protein, fat, and fiber (think “PFF”) if possible
  • Choose foods that appeal to you
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  • Hummus + crackers or pretzels
  • Scandinavian crisp bread (or storebought like Wasa) with butter/cheese/sliced bell peppers
  • Avocado on whole-grain toast with sliced tomatoes
  • Tortilla chips + salsa or guacamole
  • Almond butter on sourdough toast with sliced strawberries
  • Soft-boiled egg, whole-grain toast with butter, and sliced melon
  • Cocoa-coconut energy balls + latte
  • Banana bread with peanut butter + coffee 
  • Swedish cardamom bun + cafe au lait
  • Greek yogurt (try mixing half vanilla and half plain) + granola + berries 
  • Open-faced sandwich(es) (try smoked salmon and avocado, roast beef, or classic ham and cheese)
  • Strawberry banana smoothie + granola
  • Green smoothie + granola bar
  • Ice cream sundae! (if that’s what you are craving go for it!)

What would you add? Use this list to inspire your own ideas.


Building Upon Snacks to Make Them Meals

Perhaps you are looking to turn your snack into more of a meal. Whether you are an athlete who needs extra fuel, you didn’t eat enough at lunch, or you are simply very hungry, here are some ideas.

Turning the Snacks Into Satisfying Meals

General tips:

  • Aim to have most food groups present (grains/starches, veggies, fruit, protein, dairy)
  • Up the portion sizes if needed to make sure you get enough
  • Add more flavor with condiments, toppings, and sauces

Snack-to-Meal Suggestions:

  • Hummus + crackers or pretzels + grapes + carrot sticks + almonds
  • Scandinavian crispbreads with butter/cheese/sliced bell pepper + butternut squash soup (make ahead)
  • Avocado on whole-grain toast with smoked salmon, sliced tomatoes, and arugula
  • Tortilla chips + salsa + spinach and cheese quesadilla 
  • Almond butter on sourdough toast with sliced strawberries + smoked turkey on whole-grain toast with sliced cucumbers and sprouts
  • 2 soft-boiled eggs, 2 slices of whole-grain toast, baby spinach salad with sliced veggies, and melon
  • Energy balls + latte + mixed green salad with grilled chicken and beets 
  • Banana bread + coffee + frittata
  • Swedish cardamom bun + cafe au lait + kale salad with roasted veggies
  • Greek yogurt smoothie bowl + granola + berries + nuts + chia seeds + shredded coconut
  • Open-faced sandwich(es) + cherries + chips
  • Strawberry banana smoothie bowl with all the toppings
  • Green smoothie + rice bowl (try heating up frozen brown rice, peas, and corn and then adding rotisserie chicken, arugula, tomatoes, and cucumber)
  • Ice cream sundae + turkey burger sliders

Bottom Line

For optimal snack satisfaction, treat snack time like a mini meal. When possible, plate your food and sit down to savor it. Add a variety of foods to your plate and remember that including fat, protein, and fiber can help increase satisfaction. Use this list of snack ideas if helpful, but know that ultimately you know yourself best. So listen to and trust your inner guide and cravings.


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